Network Security for Your New IT Infrastructure

A data breach to an organization’s IT infrastructure can be a PR and legal nightmare, not to mention the cost associated with potential downtime and possible legal fees. As we move into the new year, it is important that your business is planning ahead to ensure that you’re protected from threats or gaps in the security of your IT infrastructure. A secure network is one that works efficiently and makes it possible for all users on the network to complete their appointed tasks without interruptions.

Review IT Infrastructure Security Practices Regularly

Security threats change rapidly so continually evaluating your practices will ensure that you stay ahead of the curve. Review your current practices often against any trends or current concerns such as known viruses or server patches.


Conduct Regular IT Infrastructure Audits

Every network has at least one weak link, and it is up to you to find it. Documenting all network connections and testing their connections and security is a great place to start. An audit can bring potential weaknesses to light before they cost the business potential losses. Along with an audit, you should also consider writing a security policy. It should outline the steps that your business must take each time you complete an audit. This audit should account for unknowns such as the possibility of an uptick in network traffic so that you can be prepared for anything.


Don’t Overcomplicate Your Network

A complex network is more likely to suffer a breach or collapse than a simple one due to all the unnecessary services and devices associated with it. Routinely check your network including any wireless devices and remove anything that is no longer needed.


Secure Your IT Infrastructure from the Inside Out

To avoid any cyber incidents that could be a potential risk for your business and infrastructure, you must secure your network from the inside, out. Virus and malware protection, putting tools in place to monitor how your network is used by your team, and other blocks will protect your business from threats.

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