How Do You Really Know Your Devices and Data are Secure?

Many of us have numerous devices we work and play with every day that brim with information about ourselves, our purchases, our preferences, our finances, and our businesses. The need for all of them to be secure from hacks is both real and vitally important. Security is especially important if all – or even a few – of your devices are connected in some way.

Chances are good that you are storing at least some information in the cloud – numerous data storage and computing power centers allow access to many Internet users without their having to manage these functions. While many cloud service providers take measures to keep account and other information private, anyone who wants to keep their information secure needs to make sure to have secure devices and cloud account information.

Helpful Steps to Ensure Device and Data Security

  • Set up a complex password – this would be one that comprises upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • Use only secure Wi-Fi – networks that allow many users and are not secure and place your device in danger of being hacked.
  • Only download apps of organizations you know and trust – all apps give companies access to your personal information to some degree.
  • Log out of your accounts and device every time you are finished using them – this mitigates the possibility of hackers accessing your information.
  • Use a two-step user authentication process– this requires the user to provide two different authentication factors to log in
  • Invest in a secure cloud backup service like Carbonite– this affordable service automatically backs up your information to the cloud with 128-bit encryption.

Even if you do your best to secure your devices and information in the cloud, it is still possible for your personal details to be compromised, especially if the companies you do business with have security breaches. To make certain that your information has not been hacked, there are resources you can use on a regular basis.

Credit agency sites like Equifax, which has experienced a data breach, have web pages that can help you determine if your information has been compromised and what steps to take if it has. This could include freezing your credit and strengthening all your passwords.

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