How to Get Wi-Fi Hacking Protection: Keep the Hackers away!

Have you ever had to change your Wi-Fi password because somehow your neighbors or someone found it out? We believe that has happened to mostly everyone. This does not only make your connection slow, but it’s also dangerous for your record. Basically, you don’t know what other people is downloading using your Wi-Fi information. This is why having Wi-Fi Hacking Protection is so important.

Not having any security measure in your network, allows the hacker carry out cyber-attacks. And unfortunately there’s no way to identify a hacker on a network. In fact, the business which installed the wireless network might be held responsible for the illegal action.

Besides creating a long and strong password for your Wi-Fi, there are other ways to get Wi-Fi Hacking Protection.

Wi-Fi Hacking Protection
Take a look at these tips, to avoid problems with your internet provider or even with the government:

  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup.If you have Wi-Fi Protected Setup, immediately give us a call. This is the main reason why people have had hackers in their network. For you to understand better, WPS is a feature that allows anyone to push a button or enable a software mechanism. This will automatically connect your computing device to your Wi-Fi router, without security prerequisites.
  • Create a strong wireless network name.Don’t use your router’s default network name. This way you’re making it easy for hackers. It’s better to use a lengthy and random SSID name. And let’s not forget, you need a strong password too.
  • Turn on your Wireless Router’s Firewall.This adds to your Wi-Fi Hacking Protection.  Turning on a Firewall can help to reduce your network’s visibility.
  • Use VPN service.Virtual Private Networks enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks. And, as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network. You can purchase a personal VPN from companies like Avira. These types of services give a boost to your Wi-Fi Hacking Protection.
  • Disable the Administrator Via Wireless.This way only someone who is physically connected to your router via an Ethernet cable, can access the administrator features of your wireless router.

If you follow these steps, your network will become a harder target. And it will eventually frustrate a hacker, making them go after another network. Please remember that we can assist you if you have any questions or concerns, we are here for you 24/7.

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