Scare Away any Virus Threat

Legend has it that during Halloween, spooks, ghouls, and computer viruses roam the internet trying to infect your computer. In 2019, October saw a significant increase in cyberattacks compared to all other months in that year. The attacks included anywhere from malware, to ransomware to several other types of viruses.

Are you looking to protect your computer from unwanted hauntings?
Geeks on Site can help! Our friendly certified technicians will install two robust defensive software on your computer: Malwarebytes and Avast. Malwarebytes searches your computer for any malicious software and erases it, while Avast ensures that no future threat will harm your computer. To top it off, our techs will remotely conduct a tune-up of your computer, delete malicious files, scan for any virus on your computer, all this without the need to go outside, or have a tech come over.

Call us today and we’ll cast a much-needed protective spell on your computer today!

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