Why Set Up a Home Network?

There are many reasons to set up a home network. A home network connects your various devices and makes it possible to share files, print documents, connect multiple devices to the Internet, and manage Internet security for all of your connected devices. Setting up your home network does not require much more than a few items, but it is essential for the security of those who use your network.

  • Share Files

    There are many benefits to sharing files between devices, whether you want to share files between two of your devices or you want to share files with those who live with you. First and foremost, it eliminates the need for external storage such as jump drives or external hard drives. By setting up a home network, your devices can securely and easily “communicate” with one another.

  • Streaming

    A home network makes it easy to stream your favorite shows on various streaming services as well as home videos to your home entertainment center. Without a solid home network, video streaming can be problematic as it is data-heavy.

  • Print Documents

    By setting up a home network, you make it easy to print files. Whether you want to print homework for your children, documents for work, or photos from your phone, setting up a home network makes it possible. It does not matter how many devices you have – you can easily set up multiple devices and connect them all to the same printer or photo printer. Imagine the convenience of printing something from your smartphone.

  • Manage Security

    Connecting your devices to a home network also provides you the option of managing your Internet security. Security is not just a matter of protecting your devices from malware, you should also make sure your network is secure from those who may try to steal bandwidth, or even intercept personal information. If you have a family, you might also want to consider the option to set up parental controls for your home network to limit the access your children have to certain sites.

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