Why does my home network keep disconnecting?

The most common reasons a home network disconnects frequently are listed below. Carefully work your way through this list to determine the cause of your issues.

  • Your Internet speed may be too slow. If you are running multiple devices at the same time but lack the correct speed to accommodate them all, your Internet connection could be dropping as a result of the overload. Check your Internet connection by running a speed test to see if it matches the package you are paying for from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). You may want to speak with your ISP about upgrading if necessary.
  • Your modem isn’t communicating with your ISP. Your modem is what connects your home to the wider Internet. If your modem isn’t properly communicating with your ISP, frequent drops will occur. Disruptions in your connection could be due to the area or your equipment. Check your modem and wire connections to ensure they are in good shape. You may need to contact your ISP to test your modem or possibly replace it if it’s not properly communicating with the network.
  • An outdated Wi-Fi router. This is the most common problem. The average lifespan of a Wi-Fi router is five years. Many ISPs provide the router and you may simply need to contact them to have yours replaced.
  • The network is having technical difficulties. A choppy Internet connection could be the result of a wider network issue that you have little control over. Networks get bogged down or experience issues due to weather, location, etc. If you are experiencing frequent network connection issues, report it to your ISP.

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