What should I install on my new computer first?

Before you fire up your new computer to check your emails, surf the web, or install additional software, you want to protect yourself from imminent threats on the Internet. The security of your computer and data is important. Every day, an estimated 560,000 new pieces of malware are detected, leaving your new investment vulnerable to attacks.

Update Your OS

Before installing additional software on your new computer, you’ll need to verify you are running the most updated version of Windows, your operating system (OS). Running an OS update allows your computer to be compatible and communicate with the most current information to run your apps efficiently and notify you when a threat has occurred. Windows will have likely released several updates from the time your computer was boxed by the manufacturer and the time you unbox the computer at home. Depending on how many updates are pending, this could take a little time and require a reboot or two of your computer.

Install Antivirus Software

Once you’ve run your system updates the first thing you want to install is an antivirus. Your system may come preinstalled with an antivirus such as Windows Defender for PCs. In some cases, special trial offers on third-party antivirus software are also included. There are several free and paid versions of antivirus software available. Each one has features and benefits that match different needs. For the average user, at Geeks on Site, we recommend installing Avast.

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