What is the best gaming setup?

Once you have decided to get into gaming, you have a choice to make before purchasing equipment: will you buy a console-based gaming system and games or a PC-based gaming system and games? Your choice of which gaming setup to use will largely depend on the type of games you want to play and if it’s for your child, you may also consider their age.

Some games, such as fighting games and those meant to be controlled by a gamepad, are designed to work best with consoles. Almost all other games work better using a PC, which is one reason why this gaming platform is now the market leader in gaming. Although PC gaming systems are typically more expensive than console systems, they offer a large pool of games, have the most powerful graphics, and provide the ability to play with multiple players.

It’s also not unusual for gaming enthusiasts to have both PC and console gaming systems so they can play on equipment that best suits each of their game selections. Whichever gaming system you choose – and especially if you choose to have both – Geeks on Site can provide you with expert gaming setup services.

In addition to setting up your PC-based gaming system, our experienced Geeks on Site technicians can also set up all of the most popular gaming systems, including:
• PS3
• Nintendo Switch
• PS4
• Xbox
• Sony PS4
• Leapfrog LeapTV

Geeks on Site offers a 7-day warranty on our service when setting up your gaming system whether you go with a console-based or a PC-based system. Contact us to discuss the best gaming setup based on your interests.

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