What is Spyware?

Spyware is a software that is intended to collect information about a person or organization without the owner’s knowledge. It uses information from the computer to either send to another system or take control over the computer. It runs in the background collecting data like passwords, financial information, business credentials and all Internet habits. It can even record keystrokes, also known as keyloggers, to track the use and communication from a computer’s keyboard.

Additionally, Spyware can compromise the overall computer’s performance and settings. These malicious attempts can affect the computer by installing more unwanted software, reducing connection speeds, redirecting web searches and serving pop up-ads. When the hard drive is affected, it can sometimes be difficult to reverse the damages and sometimes, it may even require a clean reinstallation.

The majority of the time, spyware is injected in clusters with multiple infections. It can be mistaken for faulty hardware or other performance issues. The four most common types of spyware are adware, system monitors, tracking cookies and Trojans.

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