What do you need in a gaming setup?

For PC gaming systems, you will need:
Fast Internet – Uninterrupted, high-speed Internet access is critical for gamers.
Dedicated space, desk, and comfortable chair – You will play your best when you are comfortable in a space set up specifically for your gaming system as the system will not be portable and you wouldn’t want to be moving it around frequently.
Gaming PC – These can vary quite a bit in price depending on your budget but the cost can go up to thousands of dollars. Whatever your budget, you should have a dedicated graphics card, a processor that can handle every type of game, and a cooling system.
Gaming LED Monitor(s) – Depending on your budget, you can select from several panel technologies (VA, IPS, TN) and speeds starting at around 1080p 60hz, but all should have low input lag. This is the time the monitor requires to produce an image.
Gaming Webcam – Many gamers use this to record and share their gaming experience. The best ones produce sharp images and have a high-resolution that facilitates game playing in low light.
Gaming Controller – Choosing the right one will be key to your overall gaming experience. These are available in wired and wireless formats. Most gamers choose wired controllers that have long USB cables.
Gaming Headset – These should fit your head comfortably, provide high-quality sound that is balanced and without feedback, and have a driver size of 45 mm or higher.
Gaming Mouse – These have advanced optical laser sensors and are customizable in numerous ways, including for speed and sensitivity.

For console gaming systems, you will need the same high-quality Internet access and connection, plus a TV and sound system to pair it with. Geeks on Site technicians are available to set up all of the most popular gaming systems, including:
• PS3 Wi-Fi
• PS4 Gaming
• Xbox Gaming
• Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
• Sony PS4 Pro
• Corsair One
• Leapfrog LeapTV

The experienced techs at Geeks on Site are available to consult with you about everything you need for a gaming setup. We have been providing quality IT support to homes and businesses nationwide for years and offer a 7-day warranty on our services. Contact us today to discuss what you need for a gaming setup you can enjoy for years to come.

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