What Do I Do When My PC Is Not Booting?

It’s easy to panic when your personal computer (PC) won’t boot but if you troubleshoot the specific symptoms of why the computer isn’t functioning, you may be able to isolate and repair the problem quickly. Check these things below.

Is your power source working? Is your PC connected to it?

First, detach all of the external devices that are connected to your PC (i.e., printer, speakers, scanner, etc.). Next, check that your PC cables are properly connected to the power source and that the power source is properly receiving electricity. If you are using power strips, try plugging your PC directly into the wall to check that you are not simply experiencing a power strip failure.

Your power is connected and your computer is completely dead.

This could signal a problem with the motherboard, the case switch, or the central processing unit (CPU). Sometimes the switch to turn on the computer can be damaged. If this happens, the computer can still turn on by touching a screwdriver to the pins on the power switch. Since this involves opening up the computer, we recommend having a professional help.

Do you have a blank or blue screen?

If this appears when your computer starts up, check to see that your monitor is properly connected and functional. Next, tap F8 to try to get to a boot screen that has an option for Safe Mode. If that works, you may have a problem with your video driver.

If the problem seems to be with the hard drive or Windows installation, you can try reinstalling your operating system again to see if your PC boots properly. If you need to reinstall Windows, make sure your important files are backed up first.

Does your PC keep restarting?

If your computer keeps restarting, it could be hardware failure, over-heating, a Windows Update or a Stop Error. Try reinstalling Windows in this scenario as well.

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