Is Online Remote Computer Support Safe and Secure?

No matter what type of computer usage you have, there is a high chance you will need tech support for your machine at one point or another. When you reach out to a tech service to handle your computer problems, they will often ask for remote access to your computer in order to troubleshoot the problem.

This process can be very intimidating to someone who has never experienced it before. You may worry that the technician can gain access to your personal files or that they can continue to access your computer long after the call ends. Fortunately, none of these are true.

When you download the software needed to grant access to a third party, you are given a few key safety features. For starters, computer owners can see everything that the technician is doing on the computer. No software can be downloaded, files viewed, or content removed without the owner being able to see what happens.

As the computer owner, you can also stop the process at any time via a Control Panel.

Remote computer support is safe and secure but make sure that you use a business that is reputable and willing to share their security measures before they gain access to your computer. If the tech has something to hide, do not give them access to your computer.

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