Is it worth getting my laptop repaired?

Your laptop is running slow, you’re getting non-compatibility pop-up messages and it’s making a strange noise. It sounds like your laptop needs some TLC, but how do you know if your laptop is worth repairing? Ask yourself these questions.

  • Is it under warranty?
    The average lifespan for a laptop is 3-5 years. In most cases, a quality laptop will outlive its warranty and, rightfully so. If you are experiencing system issues and you believe it requires repairs, having an existing warranty in place is a great incentive for taking your current laptop in for diagnostics and repairs before it’s too late.
  • How old is your laptop?
    If your device is more than 5 years old and the warranty has expired, it may not be worth repairing. Laptops that are noisy due to hardware such as a fan or have a multitude of desktop apps that will not function properly indicate repairs or an upgrade to your laptop may not suffice. A good rule of thumb is if your laptop is older than 5 years, has a list of productivity issues, and is no longer under warranty, it’s best to buy a new one versus repairing it.
  • What’s the cost of repairs?
    The cost to repair your laptop should never exceed the original purchase price of your current laptop or the cost of a new one. Furthermore, repairs of your existing laptop should not exceed 50%-70% of the cost of a new computer. If so, ditch the old device and invest in a new one. Taking into account the cost of a new computer also entails purchasing new security and software. Weigh the pros and cons to determine if repairing your device is the more cost-friendly option.
  • Can it be upgraded?
    Many laptop speeds and productivity issues can be fixed with a system reset or factory reinstall, increasing the RAM (memory), or swapping out a traditional hard drive for a faster and more reliable Solid-State Drive (SSD). Assess any peripherals that are normally operable with the laptop – are they still supported? If your laptop can successfully be upgraded, it may be fully functional for another year or two.

If your laptop is less than 5 years old, has minor functionality issues, and can be upgraded for a fraction of the cost of a new laptop, the best solution is to get it repaired. If you would like a diagnostic test and quote for repairs on your laptop, contact Geeks on Site today. Our team of knowledgeable Geeks is standing by to offer suggestions and be of assistance as you figure out what’s your next step with your laptop.

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