Is it worth fixing an old computer?

Deciding whether or not it is worth fixing an old computer can take some serious thought. While replacing a personal computer or laptop every three to four years is considered an industry standard, the decision to replace your old computer (as opposed to fixing it) will likely depend on the cost of the fixes, and whether its glitches can be repaired efficiently.

Some of the most serious and expensive computer malfunctions signal it may be time for a new computer. Often, you will see persistent error messages or hear strange noises coming from your computer that may mean one or more of the following has happened or is likely to happen soon:

  • Hard Drive Crash
  • Motherboard Malfunctions
  • Water Damage or Other Physical Damage
  • Hardware Function Failure

The good news is that many computer problems can be identified by using a few troubleshooting techniques and can be fixed quickly and inexpensively. These include:

  • Slow Working Computer – This problem can often be fixed by deleting old files and apps you are not using to free up memory or by adding additional memory. Upgrading your hard drive to an SSD can also help.
  • Virus or Other Malware Infiltration – If you see unrequested changes to Settings, this has likely occurred. Run your security or antivirus software to be sure.
  • Software Crash – You can usually fix this by reinstalling the software.
  • Faulty Internet Connection – The first step is to check that your Wi-Fi is operating correctly. If possible, check this using another device.
  • Computer Won’t Start – Check that its power source is working, it could be completely unrelated to the computer. Or, it could be the charger for your laptop or even the power supply in your PC.

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