How to Setup a Server for a Small Business

For a small business owner, setting up a dedicated on-premises server can seem like a complicated task. As businesses expand, the addition of a server becomes more necessary to store files safely, run applications, and so much more.

For businesses without a dedicated IT Department, server installation can seem even more daunting but if you follow a few simple tips, your server will be set up properly and serving your business quickly.

Purchase from a Reputable Business

When selecting what size server fits your business’s needs, lean on professionals to help guide you to a server that can grow with you. If you have a clear road map for your business it should be easy to assume what your needs will be in the next few years so purchase for that.

The Right Storage for Your Server

Storing your server can become a challenge if you do not invest in proper rack mount storage. A rack-mount has shelves, drawers, and other items that are specifically designed for mounting onto servers for safe keeping and easy accessibility. Keeping your server room organized from the onset will have long term benefits.

Find a Quiet Place to House Your Server

Servers are noisy and require additional cooling which can be distracting in a small office. If a small room is available, consider adding your server to this space so that it is away from your employees and not a distraction. If a separate space is not available, a server can be placed in the corner of a room where there is less chance of it distracting your team.

Manage Wires and Label Everything

Keep your server organized by labeling everything and keeping the wires organized and easy to manage. Having to locate a specific wire when you are trying to work on something can be easily avoided if cable management is properly done in the beginning.

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