How to Remove a Virus from a Laptop

It is not always obvious when our laptop has been infected by a virus. In some cases, our computer will begin to run slower or pop-ups will appear without explanation, but sometimes viruses may sit dormant within our computers for an extended period of time.

A virus on your computer can pose a serious security risk to your data and personal information so it is important that you do not ignore it. Here are a few tips regarding how to remove a virus from a PC or a computer.

If you think that your computer may have been infected by a virus, your first step should be to run a virus scan to see if there is anything unusual on the machine. A proper virus scan will scan the files on your machine to see if there is anything of concern hidden amongst your files.  In order to be safe, it is best to run more than one anti-virus software program in order to see if there is anything that the first program missed.

Once you run a full system scan, remove anything that was found and then reboot your machine. Once your computer is back up and running properly, start using your computer as you normally would.

Even if the problem seems to have disappeared, you may still want to bring your computer to a professional for a through computer virus removal to ensure that you are in the clear.

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