How to Fix a Computer

Has your computer been acting strangely lately? A computer can act up for a wide range of reasons and most problems can be pinpointed with a little troubleshooting.

You will want to have a better understanding of what exactly is not working properly. If your computer is running slow, not connecting to the Internet as expected, or not booting some of your programs, there is a chance that you have accidentally downloaded a virus.

First things first, download a reputable virus scanner to your PC and then boot your computer in Safe Mode. Let the virus scanner run to see if it can locate any viruses on your machine and if it does, select to have them removed. You may want to consider downloading a second virus software to make sure the first virus scan didn’t miss anything.

If your computer is not connecting to the Internet, check that your Internet connection is up. If you are connecting wirelessly, you will need to check your wireless router as well as your wireless network adapter to be sure neither are failing. If you are connecting via a wired connection, check that none of your wires are showing signs of damage or have come loose.

If these haven’t fixed you PC or laptop problems, your best bet may be to bring your PC to a professional for review. Contact Geeks on Site today!

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