How Often Should I Get a Tune-Up on my PC?

Personal computers (PCs), like most frequently used equipment, require maintenance. One way to keep your PC working at optimum levels is by routinely performing a monthly tune-up.

PC Tune-Up

When done properly, a PC tune-up is performed using an application that enters your computer at its deepest levels and fixes anything that appears to not be working well. All PC tune-ups should defragment the PC’s hard drive, repair any issues with Windows Registry (which are common), and free storage space on your computer’s disk by deleting any duplicate files, as well as useless ones. The tune-up should also confirm that your computer’s drives are working at full capacity.

The tune-up should also remove any useless software, and it is also recommended that a PC tune-up erase your browser’s history to ensure your privacy. In addition, the process should check that your antivirus software is working correctly and that the software you use is being updated properly.

While having a monthly PC tune-up is recommended, keep in mind that you may want to do this more often if you find that you have the following problems with your PC:

  • Slow startups and shut-downs
  • Slow overall functioning
  • Freezes often
  • You’ve had a computer crash
  • You are receiving error messages

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