How much does IT support cost for a small business?

IT support can quickly add up to a major expense for small businesses. Investing in IT infrastructure, security, and hiring a knowledgeable team of IT employees can be costly to a small business’s initial overhead.

The salary for an IT specialist ranges from $58,000 - $66,000 per year in addition to other expenses a business may accrue such as hiring, job training, healthcare coverage, life insurance, etc. In many companies, software and hardware specialists differ resulting in building additional departments and hiring more employees – adding to the overhead costs. Outsourced IT companies often have monthly plans and service-based options available based on common small business needs.

On average, third-party IT services offer a wide range of support services for a fraction of the cost ranging from $1,000 - $2,500 a month depending on the exact services. Pay-per-service options are also commonly available and may help to reduce costs. Geeks On Site offers affordable prices starting at $99 per hour for on-site services and $179 for a remote complete computer tune up. Geeks On Site also offers a membership option, Geeks of Life, that could greatly reduce your business’s IT overhead costs drastically.

Our knowledgeable team of computer technicians is available to support your small business’s IT support needs anywhere in the country, remotely via a secure connection or in person at your place of business. For more information on our wide array of Business Services and pricing, please contact Geeks on Site today.

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