How do you set up a gaming console?

As soon as you buy your new gaming system, you’re more than ready to play. There’s just one catch have to set up your gaming console.

This process can be confusing because how you install your gaming console depends on the type of gaming system you are using. All of the versions of PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo – just to name a few – have differences in how they need to be set up to operate as expected. All gaming consoles come with installation instructions and thankfully, some steps are common to the setup of all gaming consoles, such as:

  • The gaming console must be connected to your wireless network.
  • You need to pair your gaming system with your current gaming and other technology, such as your TV and sound system.
  • You need to register your gaming system.
  • If the system’s manufacturer provides input via a subscription service, you will need to register for the service.
  • Set your language preference.
  • Select your time zone.
  • You may choose to set parental controls and passwords.

Does this sound like a lot to do to get your gaming console play-ready? Call the Geeks on Site gaming tech experts to have them complete the process for you quickly and correctly.

Our expert technicians can set up all of the most popular gaming systems, including:

  • PS3
  • Nintendo Switch Pro
  • PS4
  • Xbox
  • Sony PS4 Pro
  • Leapfrog Leap TV

Geeks on Site offers gaming console set up starting at $95. Our technicians are experienced in providing quality IT support to homes and businesses across the country and come prepared with all of the necessary tools to get your gaming console set up properly. Our 7-day warranty offers peace of mind should you encounter any issues. Contact Geeks on Site to schedule your gaming console setup appointment today...and let the fun begin!

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