How do I set up a Wi-Fi network for my business?

Whether you are moving locations or are setting up shop for the first time, there are a few things you should know about setting up your business’s Wi-Fi network. From equipment to Internet plan considerations, we have listed the basics below to help you get started on setting up an effective Wi-Fi network for your business.

  1. Pick a reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP)
    First and foremost, selecting the right ISP is critical. Business-grade Wi-Fi is not like home Wi-Fi, it is equipped for heavy use, many users at once, and various devices. Consider asking other business owners in your area for their recommendations.
  2. Select the right plan
    Be sure to select a plan that will accommodate the number of guests you anticipate. You will want to choose a high-speed and high-bandwidth plan. Read the fine print before signing any agreement. Also, be sure to select a plan you can afford; the worst thing you can do is select a plan you cannot financially maintain.
  3. Get the right equipment
    In addition to selecting the right provider and plan, you will also need to select the right equipment. The following devices should be business-grade, meaning they are equipped for a more demanding network than a home network.

    • You will need a modem, a router, or a modem/router combo. Your ISP should be able to inform you if you need any other equipment. Although your ISP may provide you with a modem and router, you may opt to get a different one depending on how many devices you plan on including.
    • To offer service throughout your office or store, you will also need to set up various access points.
    • A switch is important to have as it allows devices on the network to communicate with one another. For example, you may want to connect your desktop computers to printers.
  4. Security set up
    You will want to set up a security system as well. A firewall can offer your network security by monitoring web traffic based on the rules you have set. A hardware firewall can offer your business several protection features including remote access and a virtual private network (VPN). Again, be sure to select a firewall that is equipped for the number of users you anticipate including.

Still unsure how to set up effective Wi-Fi for your business? The experts at Geeks on Site can help. We offer on-site and remote services to help you get your business Wi-Fi working securely as soon as possible. Contact us today to get started!

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