How Do I Recover My Hard Drive?

The hard drive in your computer is the main storage hardware within the device and is, therefore, a critical element of your computer. This is where your computer’s operating system is stored, along with software programs and other files such as documents, photos, etc. that you have either created or downloaded.

If your hard drive has crashed due to physical damage to your computer and you want to know how you can recover your hard drive, you will likely have to contact an IT professional to determine if it can be fixed. If you are willing to give it a try, there are many types of free software available for download that allow you to recover data on your hard drive. Some of the most popular software are Recuva, Desk Drill, Puran, SoftPerfect, and Glary Undelete. That being said, the safest route is to turn off the machine and not touch it further until an experienced professional has had a chance to take a look. If you continue to use the computer, you decrease the chances that anything can be done to save your hard drive (or the data on it).

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