How do I connect my TV through my home theater system?

Because your Smart TV is one of the most important components of your home theater, it is essential to make sure it is properly connected to the system’s receiver. Although there are several ways to achieve this depending on the type of equipment you have, most TVs are connected to home theaters using one of the following two methods.

RCA Connection

Considered an easy technique, the RCA Connection method involves connecting your TV’s analog stereo outputs (RCA outputs) to your home theater’s receiver.
• First, use your analog stereo cables to connect the mini-stereo plug (3.5 mm) to your TV’s audio output.
• Next, use the same RCA plugs to connect to your receiver’s audio in ports.
• Finally, turn on your receiver and follow its instructions to select inputs. This should be the final step in the process.

Digital Optical Connection

If you don’t have the 3.5mm or RCA analog connections, use the Digital Optical Connection method to connect your TV to the home theater’s receiver.
• First, connect the digital audio and optical output (out) from your TV to the digital optical and audio (in) on the receiver. Then, turn on the receiver.
• Next, use your system’s remote to set the HTS to the input where you connected the optical cable. If you see a feature button on your remote that allows you to switch between different inputs, press this before moving to the next step.
• At this point in the process, you should hear sound coming from the system. If not, use your remote to check the TV’s audio output settings and look for the PCM option. Selecting this should resolve the problem.

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