How do I connect my PlayStation to the Internet?

Connecting your PlayStation to the Internet will no doubt take your gaming experience to a new level. Nearly all versions of this popular system have wireless Internet connection capability built-in which facilitates your ability to play online with other PlayStation gamers worldwide.

Once you have a wireless network, it is easy to connect your PlayStation to it by taking a few steps:
• Make sure that your network router and modem – as well as your PlayStation – are turned off and leave them off for at least two minutes.
• Turn your router and modem back on and be certain that your router is connected to the Internet and working properly.
• Turn on your PlayStation and select “Network Settings” on the XMB. Then click on the X button and provide your router’s security settings.
• Select “Internet Connections” and click on “Enabled,” before scrolling to the “Internet Selections,” where you will click on the X button.
• Then, choose the “Easy” option and click on the X button.
• Next, choose “Wireless” and click on the X button.
• Choose “Scan” and press the X button
• Choose your access point from the options listed and click on the X button.
• Next, you will need to confirm your SSID. Then click on the X button and choose the security type your router uses. Again, click on the X button.
• After this, enter your security key information. Click on the Start button and click on the right arrow button to move forward.
• If your router requires any additional security information, enter it and click on the X button to save your settings.
• Test your network access by clicking again on the X button. You should see the word “Succeeded” beside each step you have taken.

Our highly trained IT technicians can connect your PlayStation system quickly and professionally either remotely or in-person – whichever you prefer. Should you run into any issues connecting your PlayStation to the Internet, contact Geeks on Site.

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