How can I provide free Wi-Fi to customers?

Providing free Wi-Fi to customers is proven to increase consumer engagement, increase sales, and improve customer loyalty. A recent small business survey found that 62% of small businesses found that customers spent more time in-store when free Wi-Fi was offered. With these benefits, what business can afford not to offer free Wi-Fi to their customers? Find out how you can provide free Wi-Fi to your customers below:

  1. Select the right Internet Service Provider (ISP) and plan
    When offering free Wi-Fi to customers, it’s important to select an ISP that offers the right plan for your business. Advertising that you offer free Wi-Fi entails offering it consistently, otherwise, the benefits of offering the Wi-Fi may disappear if customers know not to trust that it will work well. You will need a plan that has a large enough bandwidth to offer service throughout your business.
  2. Choose the right equipment
    Your ISP should be able to help you determine which specific devices you will need to set up your guest network. Here is the most commonly needed equipment:

    • Modem
    • Router
    • Switch
    • Access Point(s)
    • Switch
    • LAN Cable
    • Repeater
  3. Create a guest network
    Setting up a guest network is crucial in protecting your business from cyberattacks. When it comes to offering free Wi-Fi, you are inviting anyone onto your network. This can make your business a target for cyberattacks. Be sure to protect your business by offering free Wi-Fi through a secure network.
  4. Include a captive portal
    A captive portal is a site visitors will see before getting access to your Wi-Fi. This usually entails the visitor agreeing to terms of use, and can limit liability should an individual choose to use the Wi-Fi for illicit purposes. Additionally, a captive portal is a great opportunity for Wi-Fi guests to be directed to your site and learn more about your business.
  5. Clearly communicate your free Wi-Fi and access information
    If you have gone through the trouble of offering free Wi-Fi, you will want to make sure customers know about it. Be sure to clearly communicate that you offer free Wi-Fi with signage throughout your store. Also, determine how you will communicate your Wi-Fi password and access information. Many vendors choose to advertise that they have free Wi-Fi throughout the store and keep access information by the register to ensure only paying customers are using the free service. Some businesses change the password randomly for security reasons.

If you need additional help, simply reach out to the tech experts at Geeks on Site. Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals can help you set up your business’s guest Wi-Fi network. For your convenience, we offer several on-site and remote services to assist you with your business’s tech needs. Call us today to find out more!

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