What is the Cost of In-Home Computer Repair?

Most personal computers, whether used for email and social media access or for photo editing and Internet research, will need to be serviced at some point during their lifetime. From virus removal to software updates and even major hardware replacements, each repair will cost the computer owner an additional charge for that machine. The average cost of an in-home repair is determined by the work that is needed to fix the PC and how long this work takes to complete.

Computer repair, like auto repair, is not a one size fits all service. As we are sure you have heard, when it comes to your car, the harder the broken part is to get to, the more time the work will take. This is also often the case with computers.

The most common repairs that are needed for personal computers include virus or malware removal which can take hours to remove and then restoring the computer’s files can also take a substantial amount of time. Upgrades such as adding more memory or replacing a hard drive can take an hour for a desktop to several hours for a laptop. Installing software, diagnosing the issue and connecting to external devices such as scanners or printers, can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. This will determine the overall cost of the repair.

Remote Services offered by Geeks on Site

  • Flat Fee Tune Up – Complete Tune Up for $179
    • One time unlimited computer repair connection
    • Adware/Spyware clean up
    • Updates
    • Virus protection verification
    • Temporary files clean up
    • Hard drive defragmentation
    • Startup optimization
    • Virus scan
  • Geeks for Life Membership - $24.95/month
    • Unlimited support
    • Call as many times as you would like for help
    • Preventative maintenance to avoid problems in the first place
    • Expedited dispatch for on-site support
    • Support for peripherals (printers, scanners, etc.)

On-Site Services offered by Geeks on Site

  • Standard Rate - $99/hour
    • Expert computer techs come to you
    • Support for any computer problem
    • In-home services include: home computer repair service, wireless network installation, laptop and desktop repair services, data recovery and system backup services, and malware removal and more!
  • Discounted Rate - $74.25/hour - 4-hour block (residential services only)
    • Save $100
    • Use the time for multiple visits
    • The time never expires

For these repairs or other repairs your computer may need, computer owners should be prepared to pay anywhere from $100 - $250 to upgrade their machine.

Looking for someone you can trust that offers in-home computer repairs? Geeks on Site can help! Give us a call at 1-888-360-4335 anytime 24/7 and we’ll be happy to explain the ways we can help.

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