Protect Your Online Assets

Protect your online assets- anything you can access from online, your computer or cloud, which has a financial equivalent. Regular PC maintenance is a necessity to ensure a healthy and secure computer.

The Identity Theft Research center recorded 178 million Americans who were exposed to cyber-attacks in 2015. Computer owners are at high risk every day, and 2016 is no different. Millions of viruses lurk every corner of the internet. Hackers and scammers will take advantage of poorly-maintained computers and digital data.

Below are a few tips to take every month to preserve and protect your PC and online assets.

Create complex passwords.

To protect digital assets, start by creating unique passwords for all of your computer related accounts. These passwords should not mirror one another. In fact, they should be completely unrelated. You should log all of your account passwords in a safe place, like a calendar, phone book or so forth.

Install a high-quality anti-virus.

Install an anti-virus on as many electronic devices as you can. There are a variety of anti-viruses to choose from, we recommend Avira.

Regularly scan for viruses.

With the assistance of an anti-virus, you can run virus scans at regular intervals. To verify that an anti-virus has caught all invasions you can use the assistance of a computer support expert. You don’t want anything to slip through the cracks.

Update computer software and applications.

The developers of you operating system and applications are always looking for security patches that fix any security leaks.


2016 forecasts 3.2 billion people with Internet access.  Of those people, there is bound to be quite a few hackers and targets. Take a stand; protect yourself and your online assets.

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