Tips to Keep Your Computer Secure

You probably use your computer for many different functions – word processing, gaming, or social networking. Nowadays, a majority of your computing needs involve the internet, and while “The Web” contains millions of sites to choose from, many come with debilitating viruses. If your computer is not secured, these viruses could cripple or even wipe out your hard drive. The damage could also cause trouble for your bank account; not only could you end up spending hundreds to fix your computer, but also fall prey to identity theft. Remember these two simple reminders to keep your machine safe.

Get Anti-Spyware/Virus Prevention Software
For years, McAfee and Norton have offered software to help keep your computer secure. And while they still offer numerous benefits, you may find them a little pricey. Many sites offer free anti-spyware programs that provide just as much protection for your computer. In addition, these programs run periodic checkups on your machine, and alert you to potential viruses or questionable websites. However, you should still monitor the checks as well, and perform a full system scan once a week.

Watch Your Password Information
While unsecure computers may cause malware and viruses, it could also lead to identity theft if a hacker gets a hold of our banking information. In addition to running safety checks periodically, change your login passwords every few months. Be sure not to pick a password that is easy to figure out, i.e. your address, birthdate, or something obvious like “password”. Using a combination of letters and numbers, as well as a punctuation symbol helps set up a secure login, and many sites may require you to do so.

It may not seem like much, but those two tips are all it takes to keep your computer and bank account safe. Keep them in mind and practice them regularly, and you will be just fine!

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