Trouble Reading Your Computer Screen?

Nothing dampens the excitement of visiting a favorite website and diving into a new recipe, the latest article or a funny list – only to realize its unreadable. Anticipation quickly dissolves into frustration as you wonder if it’s the website or your monitor that’s making things hazy.

If it is the website, it may be because the web designer has set the text too small. Or, maybe the background color swallows up the words to the point that no amount of squinting can help. You may wonder, “How do I enlarge my computer screen to read better?”

Don’t let trouble reading your computer screen stop you from getting to the information you want. There are adjustments you can make to help enhance small text or words that melt into the color-background.

The following steps can help you become a computer screen ninja and find ways to improve the readability of the content you love.

Fix your Office Environment

Before exploring to how to enlarge your computer screen, start with something as simple as correcting your lighting. Instead of overhead lighting, see if a strategically-placed small room lamp would be conducive.

Also, avoid having a window directly behind you as you read off your computer monitor. If you can’t move your computer from the direct light, adjust the angle of the screen to make reading easier.

Remove Distractions on Web Pages

Many of today’s websites are just plain cluttered. The ads, images and layout distractions on many web pages make it harder to focus on the content. De-cluttering may improve the viewing experience, making it easier to digest what’s relevant. Most mainstay search engines offer variations of “reader” apps that enable web surfers to “pull” the words out of a web page so that they can be more easily read free of distractions and pop-ups.

Enhance Reading Settings

If the primary purpose of your personal computer is to read, why not enlarge the computer screen with simple adjustments that improve reading?

If you have a PC, simply access the “Control Panel,” then “Settings” and select the option for “Display” (these titles may differ depending upon your operating system).

Mac users will find similar settings under: Preferences > Display. Basic settings from both PCs and Macs will allow you to adjust the size of the text, brightness of the screen and orientation of the screen.

Adjusting type size

If your text appears too small, take a look at the setting for the type size. If it’s set at the recommended 100%, consider bumping the setting to 110% or 125% to increase the size of the text on the screen.

Brightening the screen

If the letters look too light, consider increasing the brightness of the screen. After applying the new settings, see if the enhancement helped.

Advanced settings

If the basic settings don’t help enlarge your computer screen, go back into “Display” and access “Advanced Display Settings”. Once there, you can fine-tune the appearance of the text further by choosing a bolder font, with slight adjustments to the background brightness.

Still Have Trouble?

If you’re still unable to enlarge the computer screen – or have other issues that prevent you from fully utilizing your computer or your digital experience – call a certified IT specialist at Geeks on Site to provide solutions. We offer a safe, convenient online remote repair as well as traditional onsite, in-home and in-office service; providing support for: PCs, Networks, Printers, Scanners, Smartphones, MP3 players, Software, and Hardware support. We also offer flexible consultation plans to help you get the most from your technology.



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