Onsite or remote computer repair?

In the past, companies as well as individuals would prefer face-to-face interaction when doing business. Though many clients still do, we live in a tech savvy world where IT support services are increasing and will continue to grow.  The types of services that can be provided are onsite and/or remote; depending on the circumstances. One has to look at the costs and effectiveness of each, weighing out the differences.

Remote Services

Remote services are efficient; they offer immediate support for minor day-to-day computer problems.  They are cost effective and there is no need to pay for a permanent technician to be onsite.
Remote services are just a few clicks away. Allowing a certified computer technician to connect securely and easily, no matter where you are in the US. Your computer issue could possibly be attended to via online assistance. At Geeks on Site, there are trained and professional techs that provide high quality remote services.  Customer satisfaction is their top priority. Therefore, resolving your computer issue is their main goal.

Onsite Services

Onsite support is more convenient for some. Maybe you are a beginner, or you would like someone to be at your location so that as computer projects and questions come to you, you can describe in detail what’s happening.

Then again, certain situations are better taken care of in person and cannot be done remotely. For example, if your internet connection is not working, or you continuously keep getting an error screen when you turn on your computer, you might need to have onsite computer repair service.  There are also other situations that need onsite assistance such as:

  • Data recovery or removal/deletion
  • Software upgrades/troubleshooting
  • Hardware repairs/upgrades
  • Internet filtering
  • Device monitoring
  • System Optimization/maintenance
  • Cabling inspection
  • Other IT related issues such as password resets, email configuration, adding/removing users

If your company has already had technical support, you probably understand the importance of knowledge, as well as professionalism. Don’t shy away from one or the other, but use both onsite and remote support to your advantage.
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