Tech for Success: A 2020 Guide for Back to School


The coming school year promises to be different for both students and parents. COVID-19 has pushed many schools throughout the nation to go online while other educational institutions struggle to reopen even as the threat of a second shutdown looms. Regardless of where school happens for students, one thing is certain – much of their educational instruction and homework assignments will involve online learning that requires the right technology, daily structure, and physical space.

To support student learning at home, start with creating a space that is dedicated to the purpose and is as distraction-free as possible. It should be quiet and situated away from where your student plays or enjoys other leisure activities. Furnished with a table or desk along with a comfortable chair at the right height for students to access what is on their surface, the space should also have proper lighting. Students should also have all of their learning materials within reach – paper, notebooks, books, pencils, etc. – to keep them from finding excuses to get up from the desk.

Next, consider how you will structure your student’s learning activities at home. Experts suggest several tactics for the best result:

  • Create a schedule for the school day at home and stick to it – Because routine and structure are helpful to the learning process, create a daily schedule that you can maintain and revise only when necessary. Depending on the student’s age and grade level, you should dedicate a set number of hours to school each day building in time for recess, lunch, snack, or other breaks you feel are appropriate.
  • Schedule video chats with student’s friends – These may work during school day breaks or after school and help keep children as social as possible while schooling from home.
  • Regularly consult with teachers regarding assignments and school day schedule – Checking in with teachers will help you keep your student on track with work and provide you with necessary feedback on their schedule and progress.
  • Stay in touch with other parents – You will likely find support for your efforts, valuable suggestions, and camaraderie when you chat with other parents navigating the same situation.
  • Have the right technology to facilitate online learning – Perhaps most important of all, your students need the right technology to support their home-based education – whether they are learning completely online or have online classes and assignments in addition to their day at school.

Technology to help make your student’s 2020 school year a success

Whether your student will attend school in person, virtually, or a hybrid version with a little bit of both, having the right technology on hand will help ensure their success.

  • Internet access that provides a rapid and constant connection, possibly Wi-Fi depending on their computer or other needed devices
  • Desktop and/or laptop computer
  • Software that enables the student to complete assignments (Microsoft Word, for example) and video conferencing
  • Anti-virus and other security software to keep your computer and the personal information it contains safe as well as parental controls to ensure the student’s safety while online
  • Data backup and recovery features so you don’t lose important information

Whatever technology you choose – or if you need help choosing the right technology for your student’s online education needs, Geeks on Site can help. Our experienced technicians can set up your Wi-Fi or home network, set up and install both your hardware and software, troubleshoot and repair computer and network problems, and maintain your technology systems. We provide both remote and on-site services – whichever works best for you and your family.

Our techs use the latest tools to install your technology and are well-versed in the hardware and software commonly used by students so they can provide valuable recommendations. Contact Geeks on Site for your back to school technology set up and maintenance needs.

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