Office Business Solutions that Deliver Advanced Data Protection and Security

Secure one or many servers

The decision to protect your access to data that is critical to your business is one of the most important ones you will make for your company. Advanced server backup protection is essential to ensure that you can make a quick and seamless recovery in the event of a disaster or a routine data loss. Without it, your business can lose thousands of dollars and countless hours of productivity.

Geeks on Site has partnered with Carbonite to offer you state-of-the-art advanced server protection with Carbonite Office Ultimate for unlimited servers and Carbonite Office Power for one server, plus unlimited computers.

Whichever protection you choose, you have peace of mind knowing that you can:

  • Restore systems with minimal intervention
  • Restore to new hardware just like it was on previous hardware
  • Choose local and cloud backup targets with separate retention policies
  • Restore from either a local or cloud backup
  • Backup data from multiple applications while people are using them
  • Minimize chances of losing data due to human error
  • Protect and recover anything from files to a full system

These cutting-edge solutions provide servers and computers with:

  • Hybrid Backup (local and cloud) – protects business data no matter what the situation.
  • Image Backup and Bare Metal Restore – simplifies recovery and reduces recovery time objective.
  • Hot Backup – protects work automatically.
  • Hyper-V Image Backup – protects virtualized environments.
  • Exchange Online Backup – gives administrators more control in setting and managing policies.

The Geeks on Site and Carbonite Advantage

There’s no additional license fee to add servers, databases or applications - you can backup NAS, SAN and EHD and one server or unlimited servers for one low price. You can also add cloud storage incrementally and affordably.

Your chosen custom settings and scheduling eliminate network bottlenecks, so you can:

  • Manage backup sets, retention policies, security setting and notifications.
  • Monitor backups and storage from any connected device through a web-based portal.
  • Perform full, incremental, or differential backups for more efficient, more frequent backups and more relevant recovery points.
  • Maximize bandwidth settings via user-defined throttling that preserves network bandwidth.

You have advanced encryption for security and compliance:

  • Encryption works both at rest and in-flight to protect your data from malicious threats
  • Transport layer security
  • Minimum 128-bit Blowfish encryption by default
  • Supports FERPA, GLBA and HIPAA compliance
  • Compliant with SOC 2 (SAS70) standards

Your industry-leading technical support team is available to you 24/7:

  • Use free valet install and have a Geeks on Site business team member install and set up software for you.
  • Your Geeks on Site business team is available to you whenever and wherever you need them.