2020 Home Automation Trends

With 2020 well underway, new trends are emerging in home automation. All signs are positive that we are quickly approaching advances in technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to make our homes more efficient and easier to sync with our smart devices. Here are just a few of the trends taking us closer every day to the most sophisticated levels of home automation we have ever experienced.

  • Faster Networks

The engines that will drive greater capacity and intelligence in home automation are the faster and more powerful networks that are being rolled out worldwide, such as 5G and Wi-Fi 6. Expect improvements in how your devices function, as these networks provide easier and clearer access to data and enhanced Cloud processing resources.

  • Smart Homes Are Getting Smarter

Simplicity in operating your smart home is finally in reach as new solutions and plans from Amazon, Apple, Inc.® and Google are now capable of syncing with many of the most popular smart home systems.

As time goes on, expect to see the results of these devices’ machine learning as they use computer vision and natural language processing to understand the habits of the people inhabiting a house. At some point, artificial intelligence will progress so that these devices will be able to adapt their functions to replicate the human habits they have observed. In the short term, expect to see more facial recognition-driven home security systems and smarter refrigerators using computer vision to tell you what’s inside, predict your choices, and provide them to you.

  • More (and Smarter) Home Robots

The rise of domestic robots promises to provide help at home way beyond the vacuuming and lawn mowing tasks we have become used to them accomplishing for us. Soon, they will be able to assist in cooking or completely cook a meal, in addition to cleaning the house, if advances in artificial development continue on pace.

More advanced robots are also close to being able to assist with in-home healthcare for the elderly and disabled by alerting authorities to someone who has fallen and providing mobility. 

  • Smarter In-Home Healthcare & Wellness

With access to healthcare being one of the most important challenges the nation needs to address, technology and artificial intelligence are already working to fill some of the gaps. The data that medical professionals will soon be able to collect from smart home devices and wearables means they have access to more vital information when patients are in their own environments.

Expect to see wearables with enhanced abilities to collect information about wearers’ vital signs and connect remotely to medical professionals when necessary. They will also be able to alert help for someone who falls, diagnose illnesses, conduct medical tests, tell us when we are making healthy or unhealthy food and activity choices, and whether we’ve slept well enough.

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